Monday, October 10, 2011

Squid Plushie Give Away!

Time for an over due give away! Tee hee. :)

"How do I enter?" You ask? Why... by leaving a comment with your email for me to contact you! Or DA username if you want me to contact you that way. :P

This time there are extra ways of entering. You can like my Facebook page or spread the word (by reblogging, tweeting, tumblr, Facebook, etc!). Just include that in your comment if you also liked the page as well as a link to any re-posting. Each extra way is +1 entry! That means you can get several entries this time! Yay!

If you win, but prefer another squid over the evil squid, that's fine, too! You could possibly be vying for a white, pink, green, or evil squid! ^_^ Other squids look like this:

P.S. I'll be drawing two names. First one gets a squid plushie. Second name gets any charm from my Etsy Shop. :)

Good luck~!

Give away ends in two weeks! (10/25/11)


bootsie358 said...

Hi there :D

I saw your deviation while browsing through deviantart ;w;

I liked your facebook page & I tweeted about it!!/MoriGaga

Your plushies are uber cute ^-^

LauraRyou said...

Soooo cute! <333

The Crafty Elephant said...

I saw the deviation for this on DA and I thought I would enter! I liked you on FB as well ^^

My DA name is moofestgirl!~

- Gabby

Jessica Dean said...

Hey, Syppah here! I liked your Facebook page both as Jessica Dean, and with my Syppah's Cute Creation's page. You know I want me one o' them squiddies!

Anonymous said...

Hi thar! I saw your giveaway on Da! My username is Avalachegirl18 o3o

Norritt said...

those squids are cute!
im at jpmanz@gmail.con

Kaxen said...

Cute squiddies!

my e-mail:

rayney said...

Sooo cute! I liked your facebook page, and I posted your contest on my deviantart page (don't know if that count, but I did it anyway).

Anonymous said...

Awwww so cute! :) All of them... awesome job! I saw this in my inbox and had to comment :)

Ratravarman said...

The black evil plushie I got for one of my cephalopodophile models was so well received that I'd just love to have another! I can send you pics you can use in promotion if you send me a test message at



Yurichan6 said...

Adorable giveaway! I liked your page on facebook and posted a link to this contest in my tumblr blog here:

My Deviantart username is: yurichan6


Anonymous said...

So cute! Totally entering

Beanchan on DA

Anonymous said...

Super Cute~ I love it <3
Saw it on DA and had to enter~

Queen of Crows said...

Aww, so adorable! Saw your posting on dA, liked you on Facebook, and am browsing your Etsy now. It's... the cute, it is over 9000.

On dA as queenofthecrows. :)

Allie said...

I saw your deviation for this through the plushie-makers group and thought your little squids were adorable. ^__^

My e-mail is, and I also liked your facebook page. :3

Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your plushies.

Christal Fir3 said...

Squids RULE!!!

Anonymous said...

i love ur lil squids they are soooo cut e>.<

Anonymous said...

Hi there ^3^
I saw your submission on deviantart and had to give it a try!
I posted about you on facebook and im just about to like your page!

your plushies are too cute not to join in :D

Ravine said...

Very well done! And amazingly cute!

Starfire said...

Super cute :)

I liked your facebook page and tweeted about your contest,!/ktsecretgardenz

My DA User name is: katiessecretgardenz

Starfire said...

Sorry. Forgot to post the links on the first comment.

Sinna said...

I saw your Squidies on DA and I fell in love! They are adorable!

LLB said...

Eeee so cute! I love the things you post. :3

Accountname on deviantart:

LadyNightRunner said...

'llo! I found the entry for this on DA and thought I'd pop over to check it out. I liked you on facebook, tweeted about this contest, and reblogged it on my personal blog.

Gwendolyn said...

Hey! cute giveaway! heres my DA link:

I liked you on facebook and I spread the word of your Giveaway on my Google+ (googles version of facebook)

heres hoping I win xD second place is an awesome prize too, I like your cupcake charm, very chibi c.c

Gwendolyn said...

o yeah, I also spread your DA post around other groups on DA, hope ya dont mind. x3

You can look for it in Plushie-Database, Stitch by Stitch, and Plushie Makers, I hope this can help you gain some publicity of sorts ^^

amanda_hollis said...

My email is
Or amanda Hollis on facebook :D i added ur page On facebook For Extra brownie points LOL
(but i never win anything anyways LMAO)

Anonymous said...

I there I'm liz
I liked you on FB as Elizabeth Chavez and I linked you on FB, and Tumbler!


Anonymous said...


I so want an evil squid XD
I fav your evil squid an liked your facebook page :)

MY DA username is Sasophie ^^

hope I win ^v^

Alice said...

I've been picking up plush-making too! I hope they turn out as good as yours one day! :) Keep up the awesome work <3 my deviant is hanabixwhitexwolf

I like Cephalopods said...

Chance at a free squid! I'm game! (DA name SKS-swan)

Lesley Jensen said...

these squids are super cute! I especially like the evil one. :D I went ahead & liked your page on facebook too. you've got some awesome stuff!

If you get the chance, be sure to check out my facebook craft page too!

Anonymous said...

Hi, i liked your face page on facebook, posted it on twitter and commented here! my Email is
im also on Deviantart; my user name is SharpintheFang

Jacky Di Falco said...

Hey it's Jacky from HandCraftedCards, saw the post and wanted to enter =3

Additional postings: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and DeviantArt.


Kit-Kat26 said...

Hi! I just saw this on DA and figured i'd enter :) my dA name is tenshi-or-tenma

or my email is :)

Kit-Kat26 said...

Oh, and i also liked your facebook page :)

Rucina said...

hey you can contact me on Deviant art at

I also Liked you on face book.

I also shared it on face book.


& Tumbler.

I really love the evil squid! I hope I win! X3

Anonymous said...

my email is or you can contact me on DA and my DA username is xdecemberxlovex

Adam Jones said...

These are adorable! ^___^

My deviantArt name is ~Adder-Adz. Alternatively, my email is

Shall do the other stuffs too, twitter, fb etc. xD

IckyDogCreations said...

Your squids are LOVE!! Saw this on deviant art!!
My email is clparr82[at]

Jody said...

Too cute! I would love to win an Evil Squid! Email addy:

Anonymous said...

Your stuffs so CUTE! Saw your give-away on DA, and thought "What the heck, it's cute, might as well."
Also liked your FB page and re-kicked it on mine.

Did that work? I'm not good with the internet.

DA account: Flames-and-Shadows

Squigily15 said...

I wanna win!
dA Username: Squigily15! Just note me!

Squigily15 said...

I wanna win! Again!
Squigily15 from dA!

xDespicable101 said...

Hey Chi Oanh! This is Thao and I've been DYING to get my hands on one of them so imma enter like anyone else!(:

I already liked your Facebook page

&Your my friend on Facebook lol so you can look on my profile that I reposted it

&&I twittered it(x!/What_the_Pho101

Foxesque said...

Omg, so cute. @o@ I liked your FB as well. These are just adorable. x3

My dA is Foxesque. ^^

Jessica said...

I saw this on DeviantArt and couldn't refuse commenting for a chance to win a squid! My username on deviant art is Mist-Goddess
so a link:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i love the pink one ^.^

my dA:

I posted it on tumblr, too.

I also liked your page on FB, I'm Deborah B.

CestodaScolex said...

I...I love you...

(I also liked your facebook .-. Peter Allain...)

Kat said...

I liked your page and such~ I'm at :3
Your stuff is so adorable~ I hope I get as good as making stuff as you soon :3

Alexander said...

Aw, your squids are cute! :) I've spread the word about your art and your contest.

You can contact me via deviantart:

Should I be chosen. Have a wonderful day!

Saint Angel said...

I saw your post on dA (I'm Saint-Angel) and I liked your fb page, added it to my Saint Angel Productions Page's favorites, and then I shared the post on the giveaway on my Saint Angel fb page. :)
Good luck to all!

saintangelproductions at hotmail dot com

Terribelle said...

Love your evil squid! Too cute!

Keeping fingers, toes, and anything else I can think of crossed!

Alchamy513 said...

I love the evil squid, its too cute!

I liked your facebook page as well!

Shelina said...

These are so cute! I am heading over to etsy asap to check out your store!

Shelina said...

Oh email is

kat-fly-fan said...

ok my email is
and my DA user is katty020194
im about to like your fb page (kat clayfield)
and twitter!!!!/K_J_A_C
i have a best friend i call squid, he hates it, which is why i do it, i hope i can win so i can have a squid to remind me of him when i go to uni next year ^.^;;;

rhikeabee said...

hey i saw your squid on the esty group on dA :D

i liked you facebook page

and i am now watching you on dA

Ritsuko-chan13 <3~~

i like green squiddy~~

Anonymous said...

omg it is so cute <3

Anonymous said...

omg it is so cute <3

Anonymous said...

Your squids are awesome! I can't wait to see more of your work on DA. You can contact me via DA my name is WhisperedSnow

Hersheys-Candy-Bar said...

D'awww. Those are adorable squids. <3

And I liked your Facebook page. :3

squidney said...

hihi i saw your post on deviantArt (my ID: blackroze66) i love squids <3
and i liked you on FB too(squidney turtle)

Anonymous said...

cuuutee squids!

I liked your facebook page :]

& my DA username is

Lee said...

:3 Tenefix entering~

Anonymous said...

I liked your page! And I posted a bulletin on my you-tube about it! My name on DA is NellyCreates, My you-tube is NellyEdits and my facebook is Nelly Edits! Your stuff is great! My DA is a new account I made, So sorry for not having anything!

Mitsuki said...

I seen this in my DA inbox and it's just too cute<3

I liked your facebook page!!
I also just tweeted about it!!/MissMitsuki6o34


Your plushies are adorable and I just LOVE squids ; 3 ;

Anonymous said...

Hi Christi!!!!!

I saw your plushie give away on DA and i decided to join! BTW i love the dango plushie Thank you so much! :D

Teal said...

Hey there!
I've liked your facebook page, and I tweeted about your giveaway here:!/tealserpent

Anonymous said...

Plooshy on deviantART! These are adorable! <3

Anonymous said...

I better win or youre not gettin cookies

Anonymous said...

Hi love who! A while ago I bought a dango and I loved it! I hope I win!