Saturday, October 29, 2011

Give Away Winner!

Sorry to keep everyone waiting! Midterms are done! Whoohoo :)
I didn't use a random number generator this time since there were extra entry chances. So.. I wrote everyone's name out and put it in a hat. Since the World Series ended last night and I'm a Rangers fan (it's okay, guys, there will be other chances hehe), I put names in my Rangers cap. :D Granted, Ivan Rodriguez doesn't play for the Rangers anymore. Lol.

There's over 100 cuts of paper in here. There were 72 comments (wow! I was super shocked there were so many people entering!) and many had more than one entries. Some even had five or more!

I had my boyfriend draw the names since my sister is at work. He didn't want to be seen so I had to take the photo after he drew the name and put it down. Lol.

Winner of a squid plushie is Teal! Whoo! Congrats! :D

Of course there's also second place for a charm of choice from my Etsy.

Goes to Kat!

Congrats again to you two! I'll be contacting y'all after I publish this post. :) Thanks to everyone for entering and all the very kind comments! ^_^

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