Monday, August 15, 2011

School and AFest around the Corner

School starts next Thursday for me. My last semester of college! I only need on class left to graduate, but I decided to take a full load anyways, because.. well I'm just weird. I honestly think I'm going to miss college.. walking around campus, meeting new people, but most of all, being young. I think I fall deeper into crafting and cons because it keeps me feeling young and not having to worry about bills, careers, etc. In the spring I'll be taking an MCAT prep course, then the MCAT... then the very intimidating applying for medical school. *nervous*

Speaking of cons, AFest is in, what, 18 days? Yikes! 18 days left to make stuff. I feel that I am far behind. I got in another shipment of minky today and it makes me happy.. I think I'm addicted to fabric shopping. Haha. I keep buying minky. At least I'm using it, unlike my $80 worth of yarn.. >.>; Crocheting amigurumi is still difficult for me. But I'm determined to learn it and use up my yarn! Haha.

I'm hoping to have new things as well as a mix of the old for AFest.

Pink and blue dotted minky squids; Pudding plushie; Colorful riceball plushies

P.S. Bowling for Soup is performing at AFest... uhm.. *fangirlsqueal* YUHHH! :)

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