Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just Truckin'

I had work orientation Friday and don't have class training for another two weeks. During that time.. I'm just gonna be truckin'. Hehe. I've decided to move on to new fabric. I still have a ton of fleece so I'll be making things with that, but after I'm out I'm def going to be all minky. Or so I think. :) I hope it goes well!

Lately I've been a little too laxed. Haha. It feels needed though. So much stuff has been going on and I kind of just wanna curl up in my bed for awhile.

On to crafty news, I've been working on a plushie commission. I think it's been turning out pretty nicely. The details make me nervous so it's taking me longer than usual. I want to make sure I get everything as perfect as possible!!

:)) Til next time! Hopefully I'll have tons of plushies to post made with minky!
Also thinking about doing the Dallas Etsy Jinglebash since I didn't get an AFest table.. hm...

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