Friday, May 20, 2011

Dango, anyone?

Time is ticking!! Less than 25 days until A-kon! I've lost count.. I think it's 22 now.. YIKES!! I'm also applying for a scribe program. *crosses fingers* Too many things this summer on my mind. ;_; Haha. BUT! One thing at a time!

So far I've got twenty riceballs, ten squids (I think..), one dango, one bomb, and... oh my.. that's probably it so far. -_-||l Haha. It's so time consuming and I'm too slow D: Granted I didn't start until after finals.. Poo. I've also got a ton of charms though. I hope I hit my unrealistic goals by con. Looks like I won't be making a cosplay this year. :( Oh well. Live and learn! This will be quite the experience!

Anyways, so my sister introduced me to this Japanese treat called "dango". Well.. she introduced me via pictures. I've yet to taste one. Haha. I thought maybe I could transform it into a plushie or charm.. or both! So...

Yay or neigh? hehe

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