Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day One

Ten things you want to say to ten different people:

1. I hate to see you like this. I want to help you, but I've realized that I can't if you don't want the help. I hope you find your way and get out of this slump.

2. I used to have this image of you, but I realized I was just living in what I thought you should be like. And for that, I'm sorry. Although I know now how you are, I can't say I love you the same. Be it more or less, I don't know. I just know it's not the same, but I still treasure you.

3. When I was younger, I wanted to make you proud. Then I got older and wanted to rebel and spite you. Then I went back to wanting to make you proud, but I realized at what expense it was at and that I possibly really just can't do it. I'm not that smart girl that can achieve anything I put my mind to anymore. I'm sorry to disappoint you..

4. I'm impatient for us.

5. I miss how things used to be. Pretend sleep overs during the evenings because I can't spend the night. We grew up and apart I guess.

6. I miss you. Please be un-busy soon. :)

7. You were mean, but I'm glad for all the knowledge I gained. Even though a lot were negative, I also see where you're coming from. You taught me a lot and I hope I can be as good as you are one day.

8. The past doesn't feel like it ever existed. I want us to be friends, but there's always that awkward part where we don't know if it's okay to talk. Haha.

9. I know you care, but sometimes your advice and comments feel condescending. :( We're big kids! Don't worry!!

10. You remember that text you sent me a few weeks ago? What should I do now that it came out the way you wanted it? Lololololol. Lead me, oh great one! haha

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