Monday, March 14, 2011

Pokemon Lives On!

So.. I know I'm 22.. about to graduate college, but I really do still love Pokemon. Pokemon Black and White were just released last week for the DS and many are claiming it to be the best of the series. Honestly, I'm not a fan of the new graphics, but I do find the c gear to be pretty cool. Soul Silver and Heart Gold still have my heart After I saw the movie I had to get a Zorua plushie.. lol! Curse it's cuteness!

My sister and I took photos with Oshawatt. tee hee. Everyone also got a giant Pokemon card for watching the movie. I really did enjoy the movie! When we spun the prize wheel we got Snivy patches. My boyfriend got a cell phone charm and my other friends got the paper hat and styluses. lol. There were cosplayers as well and I thought Chansey was just tooooo cute! This only has me all the more excited for A-kon in June.. lol

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Sooooo epic.