Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh, Babyy

Roughly three months from now my sister will be having her first child. I'm extremely excited at the notion of becoming an auntie!

Going with tradition, the maid of honor threw my sister a baby shower. I was thrilled when she had asked me to co-host with her! Neither of us had ever hosted or been to a baby shower before.. so as you can imagine it was interesting getting the plans and games together. Haha. We also got together and made a diaper cake, thanks YouTube for the tutorial!

It looks a lot better in person.. I promise! Haha. Photography skills does not run in our blood.

For one of my gifts, I painted the baby's name on mini canvases and easels to go in the nursery. When the canvases are all next to each other all the vines connect. :3

In explanation for all the lion things, the theme of the baby shower was King of the Jungle since both parents are Leos. x]

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