Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Night with Bill Nye the Science Guy

The school I go to does a series called the Maverick Speakers Series. Honestly, I didn't start going to any of the lectures until my senior year (this year! *squeals*) Last semester I went to the Lisa Ling lecture, which was amazing. It was touching, heartfelt, and full of inspiration. Last night I went to the Bill Nye lecture. *insert little girl squeal here* I grew up watching him on TV and learned most of my science from him, Beakman, and Mrs. Frizzle. Haha. But I also owe so much to the teachers that taught me every year. A lot of them impacted me so much because they cared so much.

Right now there's some crazy stuff going on with education cuts. I think that it is ridiculous to cut something that is so important. These kids need guidance, their education, their teachers, etc. You get rid of a good chunk of the education and the system is going to get worse. I'm really disappointed in seeing these kids, that are supposed to be the future, act the way they do. When I was in third grade most of the students in our class were part of the gifted and talented program. I went back a few years ago and there were only one or two. Why make a bad situation worse?

Anyways, last night's lecture dealt with science (of course) and changing the world (yea, we're all capable of it, but do we have the charisma to do it?). I admit, I only went to the Lisa Ling and Bill Nye lecture because they were the only speakers that drew me. Both are icons to me. And both taught the audience to follow your passion.

Where did I put my Lisa Ling program... lol

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