Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Snow?!

Yesterday was the first day of spring... and yet... it snowed. In Texas. Again.. What is wrong with Texas weather this year?? I don't mind though. :) Although.. it was just 70 degrees on Thursday and was beautiful outside...

I saw Alice in Wonderland yesterday. I'm not sure if I like it or not. At least the strawberry lemonade was delicious. :D

Spring break is just about over. It's back to school and work tomorrow and yes... midterms. -sigh- I can't decide whether or not I should stay next semester. It's so difficult to keep up with classes and studying and work, especially since it's an office that opens on weekdays until 5 so it can't be helped that work will be the same day that there are classes. It used to be so lax when all there was to life was school and studying. There was no stress! Now that MCATs are in play it might just be important to leave set aside time to study. I can't get into medical school with crap grades and no sleep.

Alas... to craft a little bit before I have to head to the library to study.. pfttt.

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