Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Plushyou Olympics Contest and Some Bombin'ness!

So... aside from work + school + family gunk I finally got around to do some sewing... granted I'm on Spring Break and am behind on studying =[

Plushyou did an Olympic plush contest! http://plushyou.blogspot.com/2010/01/schmancy-olympic-challenge.html And embarassingly, my amateur-self decided to partake. I know that amongst the 200 that signed up, I'm pretty much on the bottom end of talent. I'm still learning though and it excites me! I'm pretty proud of myself though!

I'm not usually home until nightfall... so my photo is in the dark. >.>;; I still had fun with it! It hardly snows in Texas, minus that one insane day it snowed a little over a foot, so I shaved ice and threw it around while taking the picture.. lol!

The Bomb is my newest plush. After 8 hours of labor, he was born and I shall call him Bombster. :P

Light 'em up!

Now.. to shower and to go to bed. Work at 8! ;_;

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