Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Charms Continue

Today was nice and quiet. There's not much to say except that school starts next week and it's going to be another hectic semester with school and work. On a lighter note, I finished painting some more charms. Yippee!

Only anime can make poop cute ;D I made a red one as well for my coworker! Now.. to wait for that paint to dry. :]

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Mixture of Love and Dreams

I'm always surfing around reading blogs and on a lot of blogs are links to amazing stores. I LOVE these stores. I can't find anything like these in Texas.

I ran across and knew I had to have this shirt.

Totally bought it... it's a combination of my love for cute and art and my dream of med school. <3 I should totally wear this under my lab coat to work. How awesome. I think this shirt just made my night!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

For the things you love

I've been trying to find some down time in between everything to craft, but I'm so bad at organizing my time. Then I read a blog entry on Katja's blog:

She's so busy and still finds time to do what she loves. I think that's true passion there. Made me realize that if you love doing something, there's always a way to find time to do it.

With that said.. after work and dinner after the past 2 days I worked on some charms :]

I'm not done with the mushroom yet.. the paint was still wet when I had gone to bed.
And my funny little pudding guy. I totally need to find a better camera with better resolution. x]

And to end, a representation of my favorite word/feeling:

After all.. what is life without hope?